Western union launches online money transfer capabilities in Kuwait

Western union a leader in global money transfer and payment service in association with Aman Exchange in Kuwait, has announced the launch of the WU.com transactional website in Kuwait increasing money transfer option, giving customers the choice of a Western union digital channel and the convenience of sending money anytime any day of the week

TO utilize WU.com service, customers can pay using any debit card issued in Kuwait. The site will then generate a code for the receiver to collect cash in more than 200 countries and territories

In line with Central Bank of Kuwait regulations, customers are required to register on www.westernuion.com/ kw prior to the first use of the online service as well as to register in-person with their national ID at one of the 13 Amen Exchange location. Once registered Western unionMy WUSM global loyalty program members can receive and redeem points online using their current membership number while those wishing to enroll in the program can do so online as well. Abel Al muzaini General Manager of Aman Exchange added ‘We are very pleased to collaborate with Western unionfor this digital offering in Kuwait



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