Only 40 Kuwaitis visited DAESH website in 2016

Director of Moderation Consolidation Center Abdullah Al-Shuraekah affirmed that the number of Kuwaitis who visited DAESH website in the year 2016 dwindled to only 40. This is a monumental difference compared to 4,000 Kuwaitis who used to visit the website in a month in 2014.

Al-Shuraekah assured that the center will continue its efforts in facing challenges of extremist and wayward ideologies as a way of strengthening the culture of religious moderation in the society. He explained that the center is doing its best to monitor social media by taking note of the accounts that support terrorism in Kuwait.

It formed a committee to follow up posts on social media, and will submit to the Undersecretary of Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs a report concerning the contents of websites and accounts that are sympathetic to terrorism or working on spreading its ideologies.

Al-Shuraekah attributed the sharp decline in the number of Kuwaitis who are sympathetic to DAESH to the hostility of Kuwaiti society towards strange and wayward ideologies. He affirmed that Kuwaitis are highly aware of the situation due to the awareness campaigns organized by Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Moderation Center, and other relevant authorities.

Ministry of Interior has taken necessary measures involving all sectors of the ministry for implementing security plans for the forthcoming month of Ramadan. The first revolves around general security to follow up the security situation of the country.

The second one is concerned with provision of special protection for mosques, Hussainiyats and churches during religious events. The third is related to sudden security measures that will be taken based on intelligence efforts and directives.


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